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J & N Autos is a friendly family run automotive service and MOT testing station based in Acocks Green, Birmingham. Our fully qualified technicians are able to service your vehicle to the latest standards and will honestly advise you as to what needs to be done to ensure that your vehicle is both safe to drive and conforms to all of the requirements of it's MOT test.





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  • 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport Long-Term Arrival
    Dedicated readers closely following my career (Hi, Mom! Thanks for reading, Grandpa!) will no doubt recall I recently returned our previous Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Normally, trading a hatchback for a sedan would be no cause for commotion; but our latest Car of the Year and my new assignment, the 2018 […]
  • 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback vs. 2019 Toyota C-HR
    Although crossovers are eating away at the sales of traditional cars, there remain plenty of options for those who aren’t sure they want an SUV. The 2019 Toyota Corolla hatchback goes on sale before the end of the summer and will sit alongside the C-HR in dealerships nationwide. Does opting for the lower, more conventional […]
  • 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback First Test: Haute, Not Hot
    Mention Toyota Corolla to anyone, and the first terms they’ll likely use to describe the car would be fuel efficient, affordable, and, in the case of automotive enthusiasts, a boring appliance. With the exception of the rear-drive Corolla GT-S/AE86 (the spiritual ancestor of the Toyota 86) and the Corolla XRS of the 2000s, the Corolla […]
  • 2019 Genesis G70 First Drive: Image is Everything
    Rumor has it that the traditional four-door sedan is in the throes of a prolonged death spiral, squeezed into irrelevance by crossovers on one end and EVs on the other. But apparently Genesis hasn’t gotten the memo. Although its own SUVs are right around the corner, the 2019 G70 comes ready to stake a claim […]
  • 2017 Hyundai Tucson Long-Term Verdict Review
    Our long-term 2017 Hyundai Tucson has been with us for a year, and its departure is now imminent. During its time with us, the turbocharged crossover served mainly as a commuter car, but it’s also done multiple trips out of the City of Angels, to beautiful Palm Springs, Northern California, and Texas. Our bright orange […]
  • 2019 Maserati Levante GTS First Drive: Cayennissimo
    Newly appointed Maserati-Alfa global boss Tim Kuniskis’ marching orders for the trident brand are basically to produce an Italianate answer to every Porsche except the 718s. Our mouths are watering for the 911-fighting aluminum space-frame Alfieri and an as yet unnamed Macan-fighter, but for now, the brand is rounding out its roster of Cayenne-killers. Maserati […]
  • 2019 Volkswagen Jetta SE First Test: A Worthy Civic Competitor?
    Have you seen the deals? Consumers who aren’t too particular can snag a $20,000–$25,000 compact sedan with staggeringly high incentives of up to $4,000. That’s the market the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta enters; the redesigned car competes against cars pretending they belong in a lower price class. But after testing a $23,005 2019 Jetta SE sedan, […]
  • 2018 Honda CR-V LX FWD Long-Term Arrival
    Being crowned Motor Trend’s 2018 SUV of the Year means that the fifth-generation Honda CR-V will be spending a year in our fleet. And we don’t mean the 2017 CR-V Touring AWD that visual assets manager Brian Vance has been chaperoning for the past 11 months. “My” CR-V is different. Since we are already familiar […]